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Learn springboard diving in a fun & supportive environment!

We are excited to start welcoming divers back to the pool. The North Shore Dolphins Diving Club has approved our Return to Sport Plan. If you are interested in our classes, please contact admin@northshoredolphins.ca for more information.

Dive Meets

Dive Meets



Candy Cane Invitational December 9-10, 2017. Held at the Walnut Grove Pool in Langley, this year’s meet will be a Tier 1, 2 and 3 meet. Also this is the qualifier for the BC Winter Games for groups B & C, ages 12-15.

June 25, 2017.  Irene MacDonald Memorial Compeition.  Vancouver Aquatic Centre.
Meet Package: 2017-Irene-Mac-Memorial-Info-package

May 12-14, 2017.  British Columbia Summer Provincials, Saanich Victoria Commonwealth Pool. Meet Package:  2017-BC-Summer-Prov-Meet-Package11139 (1)

May 6-7, 2017.  Riptech Dive Meet, Kamloops, BC.
Meet Package:  Riptech Dive Meet – May 6

April 27-30, 2017.  Novice Nationals, Walnut Grove, BC.
Meet Initial Schedule: Novice Nationals Schedule
Meet Package:  2017 Novice Nationals_Langley, BC

March 19, 2017:  Spring Splash Invitational, Kelowna, BC.  H2O Adventure and Fitness Centre.  Meet package: Click here: Spring Splash Invitational

March 9-12, 2017:  Marc LePoole’s Speedo Sting, Victoria, BC.  Saanich Commonwealth Pool.  2017 Sting Meet Package 

Feb 3-5, 2017. British Columbia Summer Provincials, Grandview Aquatic Centre, Surrey, BC. Meet: 2017 BC WINTER PROVINCIALS Sched w times

Candy Cane Invitational: December 3rd, 2016. Held at the Walnut Grove Pool in Langley. This will be a Tier 2 and 3 meet, Tier 2 divers are Provincial level divers, Tier 3 divers are learn-to-dive recreational divers.

June 19th, 2016:  Irene MacDonald Invitational.  Vancouver Aquatic Centre, BC. E-mail Soraya to make sure your diver is registered.  There is a new schedule out! 2016 Irene Mac Schedule

May 27-29, 2016.  British Columbia Summer Provincials, Grandview Aquatic Centre, Surrey, BC. Meet Package:  2016BCSummerProvMeetPackage-1.  Do not look at the schedule in the meet package, it has been changed, please refer to this:2016 BC SUMMER PROVINCIALS Draft Schedule1

May 20-22, 2016.  Alberta Summer Provincials, Edmonton Kinsman Diving Club.  Meet Package: 2016 Alberta Summer Provincials Meet Package, Schedule 2016 Alberta Summer Provincials Schedule 16-03-30-2.  Schedule: 2016 Alberta Summer Provincials Schedule 16-05-09.

May 7-8, 2016.  Riptech Dive Meet, Kamloops, BC.  Meet Package: Riptech_Dive_Meet_-_May_7__2016.

March 11-13, 2016.  Marc LePoole’s Speedo Sting:  Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria, BC.  For the Meet Package please click 2016 Sting Meet Package. Historically this meet is for Diving Plongeon Canada (DPC) Tier 1 divers and (Provincial) Novice divers who have the required difficulty in their dive lists.

February 25-28, 2016.  British Columbia Winter Games:  Penticton, BC.  Fun for divers ages 12-15!  Compete in a Junior Olympic style competition.  Check out our diver Maggie in the commercial here.  The BC Games Website has more information.

February 12-14, 2016.  British Columbia Winter Provincial Diving Championships:  Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria, BC.  For the Meet Package please click 2016 BC Winter Provincials Meet Package.  Historically this meet is for Diving Plongeon Canada (DPC) divers, Tier 1 and Novice divers who have the required difficulty in their dive lists.

Feb 7th, 2016. iDive Winter Invitational:  Tier 2 & 3 meet at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre.  For Meet Package, click here: 2016 iDive Winter Invitationals – meet package.  Please talk with Soraya if interested in Diving this competition.

Candy Cane Invitational December 12-13, 2015.  Held at the Walnut Grove Pool in Langley, this year’s meet will be a Tier 1, 2 and 3 meet.  Also this is the qualifier for the BC Winter Games for groups B & C, ages 12-15.  Click Here: Candy Cane Dive Meet 2015 for the Meet Package

July 3-5: Junior Development Nationals, Tier 1 Qualified. Meet Package JrD 2015 EN

June 13th:  Irene MacDonald Memorial Invitational, Tier II/III, Masters.  For Meet Package: click here:  2015 Irene Mac Memorial Info package

May 29th-31st:  Summer Provincials, Tier 1: 2015-BC-Summer-Prov-Meet-Package

May 24th:  iDive Invitational, Tier II/III Meet Package: 2015 iDive Spring Invitational package

Alberta Summer Provincials, May 15th-17th, 2015: Tier 1. Meet Package: click here.  For results see our News Post here.

Kamloops Riptech Dive Meet. May 9th-10th, 2015:  Tier II/III,  Meet package: Riptech Dive Meet – May 9, 2015.  For meet results, click here

Tier II Nationals, April 25th-26th, 2015:  Meet package: click here, check out the photos on our bulletin board at the West Van rec Centre, or click here for our News Posting on our News Page.

Speedo Sting in Victoria, March 5th-8th, 2015.  Information can be found here.  Our News Post with photos can be found here.

British Columbia Winter Provincials, Feb 20th-22nd, 2015:   This dive meet will be held at the Vancouver Aquatic Center. For the Dive Meet package click here 2015BCWinterProvMeetPackage.  For results and photos, see our news post here.

Candy Cane Invitational December 6, 2014,  Tier II/III dive meet held at the Walnut Grove Pool in Langley.  For complete results and some great photos, click CandyCane2014.

Speedo Junior Development Nationals:  July 11-13, 2014 Montreal, Quebec.

5 of our divers qualified to compete at the Canadian Nationals in Montreal.  Click Junior Nationals 2014 for the results.  Congratulations to Sadie, Morgan, Veronica, Makayla, and Maggie for qualifying and performing like champs!

Irene MacDonald Memorial Competition:  July 5th, 2014 Vancouver Aquatic Centre

This Tier II/III dive meet is held in commemoration of Canadian National and Olympic diver Irene MacDonald. The North Shore Dolphins had a fun and successful Irene MacDonald Memorial meet, held July 5th at the Vancouver Aquatic Center. Click here for the write-up: Irene MacDonald Memorial 2014

BC Summer Provincials – Victoria, BC

The last provincial national qualifier was held at the Saanich Commonwealth Pool in Victoria, BC on June 6-8.  11 of our divers attended.  View the full results.

Riptech Dive Club Tier II and III Meet – Kamloops

13 of our Dolphins divers made the trip to Kamloops to compete in this Tier II/III dive meet.  Read the results here.

Western Canadian Diving Championships  – Regina, Saskatchewan

One of our High Performance Group D divers attended this junior national qualifying meet.  Read our latest news to learn her results!

White Rock Divers 2014 Spring Dive Meet – Vancouver Aquatic Centre

16 of our divers from our pre-competitive, Junior Development, Development and High Performance groups competed at this event on Sunday, April 13.  Full results may be found here.

Sting – Saanich Commonwealth Pool

Marc LePoole’s Speedo Sting was held February 7-9, 2014 and 8 of our Dolphins divers were there.  This was a Junior National qualifying event.  In total, our divers achieved 8 national qualifying scores!  See a summary of our results here.

BC Winter Provincials – Vancouver Aquatic Centre

12 Dolphin divers;  9 medals in Tier 1 & Novice;  6 podium finishes in Tier 2;  5 National qualifying scores;  6 BC Winter Provincial Champions!  Read the full results here.

Candy Cane Dive Meet and BC Games Trials – Langley, BC

Riptech Dive Club Tier II/III Meet – Kamloops, BC

The Dolphins sent 9 divers to Kamloops on November 17, 2013 to compete at this fun event.  All divers performed very well, with ten 1st place finishes, three 2nd, two 3rd, and three 4th place finishes!  See our Dive Club News for all the details and results.

2013 BC Winter Provincial Diving – Results Full results for the meet can be found at Dive Canada