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Learn springboard diving in a fun & supportive environment!

We are excited to start welcoming divers back to the pool. The North Shore Dolphins Diving Club has approved our Return to Sport Plan. If you are interested in our classes, please contact admin@northshoredolphins.ca for more information.

Dive Team

Dive Team

The Dolphins dive team consists of the following groups:  Pre-Competitive, Junior Development, Development and High Performance.  The focus of the team is to train for and excel at competitive dive meets representing our club and community with a focus on good sport and personal achievement.


The Pre-Competitive team concentrates primarily on skills training and improvement.  Programs for our Pre-Competitive team run in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Times and dates of our pre-competitive classes for this session can be found under Dive Programs, and registration may be done through our Registration page. Classes are offered at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre.

The fees for our Pre-Competitive diving classes are based on the duration and number of lessons in a session. To participate in any class, pre-competitive divers must pay an annual club membership fee (September 1 – August 31) which costs $30, and includes insurance through BC diving and a t-shirt.


Selection for our full year Development and High Performance groups is at the invitation of the Head Coach after participation in our Pre-Competitive classes.  At the Development level, divers continue to develop their diving skills with the goal of participating in local meets.  Divers on the High Performance team compete in numerous local, Provincial and National diving competitions throughout the year.  Our High Performance divers train up to 5 times per week and some also train at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre (in addition to West Vancouver), allowing them to dive off platforms as well as springboards.

High Performance Training:  Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, Saturdays (invitation only)
Development Group Training:  Sundays and Tuesdays
Junior Development Dive Requirements for Age Groups C & D: Junior Dive Requirements

Junior Elite Dive Requirements for Age Groups A & B: Dive Requirement Tables

Blank Dive Sheet here, Blank Synchro Dive Sheet here.

Follow our competitive dive team on the News page.